Great sources of water: Fiji, Veen Vervet, your tap

How can you filter tap water and still make it taste as delicious as water from one of the world’s famous sources?


Well, that’s how a LANG, and only a LANG, does it:
It uses a 3-stage filtration system to filter out harmful pollutants and odours from tap water, leaving you with pure, clean water.

Image 4

Then it adds the ‘good stuff’.
The LANG system has a sophisticated remineralisation capability that brings back essential minerals to provide drinking water that is healthy and tastes great.


Then, and only then, can we say it’s more than ‘clean water’. We can say it’s good water.
The basis of every life on earth.

Another advantage is our idea that ensures the first sip tastes as great as the last:

LANG only uses liquid salts, minerals and flavors to enrich filtered water. No powders.
Simply because liquids mix much more evenly with water than powder ever could.
The two LANGPAK containers will guarantee that the taste of fresh alpine water stays the same from the very first drop throughout the remaining 250 litres you can make with them.