Everything starts with good water. But it doesn’t have to stop there.
Welcome to LANGwater+.


We at LANG thought it might be a good idea not just to turn your tap water into clean and great-tasting water (in short: good water!); we’ve also come up with a range of fruit flavors and teas that make your good water taste even better.
We’ve started with 4 flavors that come in different coloured LANGPAKs – but we’re already planning many more.

Image 5

We call these LANGwater+. The basis is good water, the flavors are the plus. Simple.

Image 6

All our teas and flavours are made from 100% natural fruit and tea extracts. Because we want to enrich the ‘good water’ we created – not spoil it with additives or artificial flavourings. We love all things pure; that’s why we’ve also avoided sugar and made our drinks calorie-free. Enjoy them instantly – whether you prefer them hot or cold!